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Project Design and Management

Over the past ten years, we have implemented a variety of successful long-term (three to five years) projects, involving multiple stakeholders for financing and implementation purposes, for clients such as USAID, Ford Foundation, the International Development & Research Center, (IDRC) among others. This has allowed CDS to build an efficient management system in terms of managing multidisciplinary teams, as well as handling accurate financial management systems. CDS' projects generally fall within one of our program areas: Environment and Natural Resource Management, Health Management and Research, Human Capital Development and Partnership Development.

Apart from designing and implementing entire projects from start to finish, our highly skilled team of program managers also offer support in managing one or more tasks within an existing project or programs . These include:

  • Strategic planning.
  • Designing of effective and innovative projects.
  • Facilitating community development plans.
  • Multi-sector planning.
  • Developing project and program monitoring systems .
  • Design and introduction of project management systems and procedures .

Examples of our experiences in designing and implementing entire projects can be found under the Program Themes.

Examples of our experience in providing support in managing one or more tasks within an existing project or program include:

+ Community Based Monitoring Framework,UNICEF.
CDS is undertaking the task of development of an interdisciplinary Community-Based Monitoring (CBM) framework for UNICEF. A CBM aims to generate the appropriate information for improved service delivery and seeks to strengthen local decision making, public education, community capacity and effective public participation in local government. The CBM emphasizes on building community capacity to monitor service delivery in the field of child health, education and protection. The adaptation of the framework is based on information collected through desk review, meetings and discussions with various stakeholders at the national, local and community level. An additional output of this assignment is the development of a training manual to introduce the main aspects of CBM, its mechanisms, indicators and means of dissemination to stakeholders at the national, local and community level(2011).

+ Situational Analysis of the Development Sector in Egypt and Strategic Planning, Misr El-Kheir Foundation.
Misr El-Kheir (MEK) Foundation commissioned CDS to carry out a situational analysis for the review of the Foundation's five main sectors of operation, health, education, social solidarity or takafol, scientific research, and aspects of life, in practice across the country. The analysis consisted a desk review of secondary resources, as well as field research in five governorates. The situational analysis was carried out in two phases, a desk review and field research in five governorates. The field research included Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis of the stakeholders and services in the sample governorates. The situational analysis was followed by a five-day strategic planning workshop to review of the Foundation's mission and vision. The information from the situational analysis was instrumental in redrawing the mission and vision of MEK, developing a Long Range Strategic Plan (LRSP) and key strategic directions, and designing programs for each sector of operation in order to effectively and efficiently target their resources across the country (2009).