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CDS Team

  • + Mr. Karim Reda, Driver (CDS) -
  • + Dr. Alaa Saber -
  • Chairman    


    Dr. Saber is a founding member and Chair of CDS.  His postgraduate studies are in Behavioral Science at Cairo Medical School, and Public Administration at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. For over twenty five years of his career, Dr. Saber has occupied positions within public, business, and non-profit organizations, and served in diverse cultural settings in the Middle East and North America.  He translated Paulo Freire’s “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” into Arabic, and wrote on civil society in the Arab World for Alliance magazine. He served as the Middle East representative in a faculty-student committee at the Kennedy School of Government to establish an executive program on “Democratic Processes in Governance.” Over the past ten years, he has been focusing on poverty alleviation - leading Egypt’s participatory poverty assessment for the World Bank in 2000. Dr. Saber is adept in managing and consulting development studies and research, training and organizational development projects, developing human resources management systems, and designing analytic models for organizations and society.

  • + Mr. Ali Mokhtar -
  • Chief Executive Officer


    Mr. Mokhtar is a founding member and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CDS. Mr. Mokhtar has more than 25 years of international development experience. His postgraduate studies at the Cranfield School of Management in Bedford, England focused his early career on economic development - particularly in relation to small and micro-enterprise development. Mr. Mokhtar provided technical assistance to different national and international organizations. He is experienced in complex program coordination with large agencies - whether in planning, management, or evaluation phases.  His extensive field based experience in community development and project management gained him the position of the Global Coordinator for the RCPLA Network as well as Jury member for the World Bank Development Market place.

  • + Dr. Hesham Khalil -
  • Programs Manager


    Senior development practitioner with more than 20 years progressive experience in the field of development with special focus on socio-economic development, education and health programmes in Egypt and the Middle East. Hesham’s competencies include strategic planning; programme development and management; programme implementation, monitoring and evaluation; qualitative research and impact assessments; advocacy; people management; donor relations and relationship building for influence; provision of capacity building and technical assistance activities in various development and humanitarian fields.  Hesham holds a PhD in social anthropology from the University in Hull, UK and a Master’s degree in political science with specialization in professional development from the American University in Cairo. 

  • + Ms. Sara Adel -
  • Program Manager, Program Support Unit

    Ms. Adel is the manager of the Program Support Unit at CDS. She holds extensive experience in qualitative, quantitative and economic research. She holds more than 10 years of experience in the field of development and plays a key role in program delivery through providing timely, efficient, and effective programmatic support to the main programs inside and outside CDS. She is mainly responsible for the provision and management of support to CDS program units and the implementation of short term technical assistance projects and assignments in the field of training, capacity building and monitoring and evaluation, mainly with youth and women. Ms. Adel worked as a Business Analyst in a microfinance institution and closely studied microfinance technical assistance provision. Ms. Adel received extensive technical and soft skills training by the ESPSRH in Egypt in the field of HIV/AIDS in Egypt. She has first-rate analytical, writing and communication skills. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics from the American University in Cairo (AUC), and a Master's degree in Economics in International Development from the same institution. Ms. Adel is currently enrolled in a second Master's degree in Professional Development.

  • + Ms. Passinte Isaak -
  • Program Manager, Partnership Development Unit


    Ms. Isaak is currently working as the Partnerships Program manager at CDS. She has more than 14 years of professional experience in development work. She authored several research papers and guides, conducted regional training workshops, and participated in the editing of several publications. She completed her post-graduate studies in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility at Nottingham University, UK.  Her professional experience coupled with her academic qualifications give her a sound expertise in establishing institutional partnerships that enable the achievement of development goals and objectives, especially among stakeholders from diverse fields with particular emphasis on engaging the private sector in development. Ms. Isaak has excellent communication and networking skills and experience in managing regional and global networks.

  • + Mr. ahmed Abdel Aziz -
  • Finance Manager


    Mr. Abdel Aziz, financial manager at CDS since 2006, is responsible for office financial tasks concerning all monetary transactions. His field of work includes the supervision of all Egyptian Pound and US Dollar accounts, expenditure control and cost allocations. He prepares and updates sound financial policies and presents financial reports to donors. He also supervises other staff members and performs the audit oversight. Mr. Abdel Aziz is responsible for the planning and management of cash flow and prepares and revises annual budgets. His financial management tasks include the approval, processing, follow-up and closure of contracts and grants. He oversees invoices, the standardization of billings and income registration and controls expenditures. He, furthermore, provides technical assistance to management staff for understanding and dealing with financial management policies. Mr. Abdel Aziz also conducts financial assessments and internal controls for NGOs in different governorates to help them comply with donor regulations. Several NGOs in various governorates have received his training and assistance in adhering to donors’ regulations.

  • + Mr. Khaled Kamal -
  • Senior Program Specialist


    Mr. Kamal holds the position of senior program specialist at the Program Support Unit at CDS. He has more than 25 years of work experience in the field of development. He holds postgraduate diplomas in Feasibility Studies, Project Monitoring and Evaluation, and NGO Management. Mr. Kamal has extensive experience in designing credit schemes, feasibility studies, project design, capacity building, and institutional development. Throughout the course of his work, he has conducted hundreds of training and consultancy workshops for governmental, non-governmental organizations as well as the private sector. Mr. Kamal took part in several training and capacity building assignments in the MENA region namely Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. Being a well-experienced development, capacity building and management professional, he has been providing PNAs, PRAs, monitoring and evaluation, impact assessment, training, workforce development and other related services. He also holds a strong experience in rural and urban development and community work.

  • + Mr. Sherif Kamel -
  • Senior Program Specialist


    Mr. Kamel holds the position of senior program specialist at the Partnerships Unit at CDS. Over 18 years of professional experience in urban community development, Mr. Kamel has a considerable experience in conducting rural and urban research and particularly working with NGOs. Mr. Kamel conducts participatory needs assessment, participatory rapid appraisals, and field research using participatory methodologies and is experienced in Monitoring & Evaluation of development projects, budget handling and dispersing, documentation and reporting of development projects, and organizing workshops.

  • + Ms. Hend Ahmed -
  • Senior Program Specialist


    Ms. Ahmed has over 17 years of professional experience in community development and participatory community research combining qualitative and quantitative anthropological tools, methods and techniques. She has extensive experience in participatory approaches as well as rights-based approaches, especially child rights. Ms. Ahmed is experienced in design of training manuals and materials. She is capable of handling multiple tasks including field and office work. Ms. Ahmed is a qualified interviewer, conducts semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions in several development projects. In addition, she has experience in budget handling and dispersing as well as documentation and reporting of development projects. She has organized a variety of workshops, including their logistical arrangements.

  • + Kari Ibrahim, Program Specialist -

    Ms. Ibrahim provides support in the implementation of many projects at CDS as well as assisting in research, report and proposal writing. She has professional experience in several development sectors: economic empowerment ,child education, entrepreneurship, and community development. Coordinated a variety of workshops and vocational training as well as human development trainings with a focus on interpersonal skills and entrepreneurship for youth and women. Focused her early career on educational development worked with children with learning disorders in private schools and has volunteered for several development associations. Ms. Ibrahim has competences in fieldwork and grassroots development, studying impact assessments as well as providing coaching and mentorship services. Kari holds a bachelor degree in Spanish Translation  from the Faculty of Al Alsun, Ain Shams University.

  • + Mr. Milad Mowad -
  • Art Director


    Mr. Mowad is a multi skilled photographer who joined CDS in 1990. He has documented almost all of CDS's activities throughout the years.  Mr. Mowad oversees the artistic design of CDS and its clients’ visual communication tools and print materials. He is in charge of formulating layout designs and copy writing for visual communications media for publications. He mainly works with CDS's Program Support Unit, but also provides technical assistance to other programs within CDS. Mr. Mowad's field of work is centered around four tasks, namely creative design and development, review and management of printing and publications, program learning support, and communication and networking. His work demonstrates both a creative component in that he generates ideas for visual communications, and a logistical component in terms of maintaining and networking ties with clients and for various projects. His work is vital for promoting the vision, mission, and strategic goals of CDS and its individual projects.

  • + Mr. Mazen El Shahed -
  • Accountant

    Mazen El-Shahed is a senior accountant at CDS since October 2006. Mr. El-Shahed has a solid experience in the accounting field where his academic background, career development and communication skills can be applied and further enhanced. Mr. El-Shahed holds a diploma in financial analysis enhancing his financial expertise. Hehas a full range of financial and administrative tasks in CDS such as financial assessment of a wide range of institutions from which NGOs, private and public sector, prepares balance sheet submitted to headquarter financial reports submitted to different donors, cash flow, cost analysis and reconciliation between accounts with clarifying and interpreting variances that may arise, organizes the procurement system, and controls the inventory system and salaries calculation.

  • + Mr. Ahmed Abdou -
  • Finance officer


    Mr. Abdou is a graduate of the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration from Helwan University and holds a degree in NGO management from the faculty of Economics and Political Science in Cairo. Mr. Abdo also studied NGO and Income Tax laws. He has experience in financial analysis and cost accounting. Mr. Abdou has been an accountant in CDS since February 2008, and is currently engaged in all financial operations.

  • + Ms. Gehane George -
  • Office Manager


    Ms. George is an experienced administrator that has more than fifteen years serving as an executive secretary, and interpreter. Most of her career has been providing administrative and logistical support for chief executive officers and senior management. 

  • + Mr. Reda Hassan -
  • Training Material Specialist


    Mr. Hassan has been with CDS for over ten years. He is currently assuring the quality of various capacity building and training materials for short and long term project implementation. He provides substantial input in the design and layout of materials for the different CDS program units. He also helps out with the field implementation. Mr. Hassan conducts needs assessments, organizes data and acquired information, designs and reviews training and capacity building materials and determines if the work is up to quality standards. His work is vital for the lessons-learned stage of project implementation.

  • + Mr. Muslim Abdel Kader (CDS) -
  • + Mr. Khaled A. Rehim (CDS) -
  • + Mr. Mahmoud Ibrahim (CDS) -
  • + Mr. Ibrahim Abdelfatah Driver (CDS) -
  • + Mr. Reda Sayed (CDS-FHI) -
  • + Mr. Ashraf Mohamed (CDS-FHI) -